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Aug 062018
 The First Days  August 6, 2018  Posted by at 9:16 am News Updates  Add comments

 For the moment we are organizing the website and in the process of obtaining numerous things necessary to become one of the top Comic Book and Fantasy Novel websites on the Internet.  We realize this will not happen overnight, but with some time and effort, perhaps Nightmist will become a regular stop on your travels.

   What we hope to do is two fold:  First – promote Nightmist Publication products, comics, artwork and novels created by T.R. Grady. Secondly, we hope to promote independent creators of comic books and novels, both paperback and electronic.  We intend to maintain updates on upcoming Comic Cons, we plan to set up booths, but also focused on the region we live – Northern New York.

   All of this takes time to implement, but we will be updating on a regular basis.

   One thing that is important – to access all of the features, you must become a member of Nightmist Publications.  This will not cost you anything except a few minutes to sign-up.  Members will gain access to addition features of the website.

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