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Aug 142018
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 The past couple of days I have been refreshing my drawing style after many years of ignoring it.  In fact, it has probably been 40 years since I last drew anything resembling comic characters, but since I have decided to play with the idea of creating comics from a few of my novels, I also decided I did not want to hire anyone to do the work since I have some artistic talent.  So now I am practicing by using a number of sites on the web as well as a few books I nabbed from Amazon.

   The sad part is I really have to wait on some of the work because I have to take a trip for about two weeks as well as wait for many of the tools – the pencils, inks and pens to arrive – not to mention a ton of other stuff I am planning to order.  Still, for the next few days I can practice and learn with the standard pencils and pens I do have available.  It was easy to pick up an artist’s 11×14 pad at Walmart, so the paper is no problem.

   I am considering buying a large scanner that can handle full sheets of 11×17 sheets, but it does cost a bit.  For now I suspect I will just use my 8×11 scanner and match pieces up as needed on the computer. 

   One thing that is important to me is my style.  I was a big fan of Neal Adams and Jim Steranko in the 60s and 70s (Yeah I am dating myself, but at least I am younger than either of them).  I want to strive for the quality they produced – clean artwork and a distinctive style.

   In some ways that is almost humorous to state.  Right now I am working on eyes, mouths etc., just trying to establish some continuity.  With practice that will come.  I have high standards for everything I do.  I am a bit concerned about bodies. Bodies were never my strong suit, but by real work, I can also overcome that weakness.  Its simply a matter of focusing myself on how others do it and developing my own techniques.  Hopefully shortly I will be able to post a few pics of my efforts to hear whatever you might have to say.

   Anyway, time to get back to the drawing board … literally.   

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