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An adult graphic novel by T.R. Grady

*Coming soon*


 Based on the novel of the same title, Afterlife is set in a realm that stands between Heaven and Hell where human ‘souls’ await a final determination of their fate.

   In this place, Seraph and Daemyr are in an eternal struggle for human souls – the Daemyr as a source of nourishment, while Seraph sustain their needs through worship and prayer.

   Alex and Jennifer die tragically and awake to find themselves in different regions of G’henna, the limbo between worlds.  What they did not expect was that souls are bartered like drugs in this place.  As they begin to come to terms with their new existence, they come face to face with horrors and terror they never imagined and must find a way to escape the the danger and find each other.

* Warning:  Afterlife is an R-rated story with some content meant only for adults.